Dear Omani students,

I hope you and your families are safe. Be brave and patient in this difficult time.  Inshaallah, this will pass by the grace of Allah. Don’t think you are alone there. We all are praying for you and your safety. We all can help each other. Help those who need your help.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr. Najmi Junaid

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Teaching DET 580411 has been a interesting and unique experience for me.  I enjoyed teaching this class. Class was a mix of students, who had different educational technology background, from beginners to advanced students. No text book was recommended. We developed the course together selecting articles/journals.  Students  liked creativity. Creating blogs for their final projects was proved to be their favourite project( learning with fun).  Integrating new technology through utilization of blogs in their lessons and presentations was a rewarding experience for my students.

Have a great summer!

Dr. Najmi Junaid

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Write your reflections  about the course content, blog, assignments, quiz and final project. (one paragraph)

Click the comment and write in the space given with your name.

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Topics for Final Exam are as follows:

Introduction to educational Technology


copyrights issues

challenges facing technology integration


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Check the page titled “580411 Final Project” for Final Project.

Dr. Najmi

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“The teacher is a key variable in technology implementation and effectiveness.”

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elearning will help the students to become active learners

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